• Rely on data and facts

    Find the real drivers of your business and steer your business accordingly.

Data Analytics

We take a deep look into your data.

AI + Data Science + Big Data

We build our decisions based on data. We analyze relationships and time-based changes
of your business data to identify the key drivers of your business.

Advanced Analytics

We establish connections and relationships between different data series in your business. We

  • collect and aggregate raw data
  • visualize your data
  • search for connections and causalities
  • build models to make predictions

Predictive Forecasting

Using historical data, we can predict the future with certain confidence. Predictive Forecasting can be used to outline evolutions of time series and data in order to give decision support for planning/budgeting purposes.

  • We use methods to find non-trivial relations betweens data series
  • identify trends and recurring patterns like seasonalities,
  • Predict with high confidence
  • Backtest to explain plausability and usefulness of used methods

Stochastic Modeling

Many business parameters, e.g. demands, raw material prices, do not follow a deterministic behavior, but rather move randomly to some extend. We are specialists to model stochastic processes with accurate models. These models are calibrated to fit the underlying (market) situation and provide a useful explainatory component in data analytic projects. We can model your specific data-driven business logic to fully encapsulate deterministic and stochastic drivers from the real data. Use the model for forecasting and detecting relations and sensitivies of different parameters.

Tools & Methodology

We design our models to fit your business logic:

As simple as possible – as complex as necessary.

We use state of the art tools from applied mathematics:

  • Machine Learning,
  • Neural Networks (Bayesian Neural Networks)
  • statistical & stochastic models,
  • (Monte Carlo) Simulation,
  • Bayesian Modeling