Increasing the efficiency in operational transport management

Inefficiency of ERP systems

In the automotive industry, material requirements planning (MRP) of an ERP system, e.g. SAP, is usually used to calculate which materials have to be purchased for production and delivered by carriers by truck or shipping container. If we look in particular at the configuration of new cars, a high number of variants is required in relation to the production requirements list. On the one hand, the conventional approach leads to a passable planning, but on the other hand it leaves a lot of potential for optimization open. The MasterScheduler developed by us increases the efficiency of operative transport planning by converting conventional material requirements planning into transport-optimized delivery schedules. This not only saves unnecessary costs, but also harmful CO2 emissions.

Increased efficiency with MasterScheduler

Sustainability, CO2 balances, overworked dispatchers and high transport costs are not only reasons to keep avoidable trucks off the roads, but also to use MasterScheduler. Our software tool optimizes material demand schedules with up to 30% savings on trucking by converting them into transportation-optimized delivery schedules. The result is a reduced need for trucks and fully utilized loading areas. In addition, MasterScheduler offers other features such as 3D truck schedules, practical PDF pick-up bills or empties management. Convince yourself and try it out for free or we are also available for a personal conversation.

How does it work?

Our goal is to increase the efficiency of operational and tactical transport planning. Specially developed mathematical algorithms allow us to anticipate future requirements on the one hand and to make optimal use of the loading space of the transporters on the other.

Data import

In a first step, the data of the prevailing transport planning of the respective company is imported into our software.

Mathematical algorithms

The specially developed algorithms are subsequently used to generate new, more efficient transport planning results. Of course, the prevailing restrictions and customer requirements are taken into account.

Software as a Service

In the last step, future transport planning is planned independently by the dispatchers. The tool offers the possibility for the employees of the companies to carry out the necessary planning in time.

Trial planning with MasterScheduler

At s2 data & algorithms, not only do we attach great importance to the individual needs of our customers, but also to serious customer service. With MasterScheduler we are able to offer flexible solutions for operational transport planning in a very short time. Convince yourself and test the MasterScheduler with us in an uncomplicated way.


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