Your MRP enriched with every transportation detail

Optimized transports with a holistic inbound planning approach

We convert your MRP results into efficiently planned transports. To do this, we consolidate your demands and consider the loading space of your trucks on three levels. In this way, you receive transport-optimized delivery call-offs in a matter of seconds and create free resources in your company.

We have already reduced costs for these strong partners.

Benefits from MasterScheduler

No more half empty transports

We make your transport planning more efficient by consoldiate and bringing forward future demands. Including tactical route planning: MasterScheduler selects route-specific FTLs or milk runs and thus perfectly utilizes your transport network.

Quick & holistic transport planning

Save manual planning time. MasterScheduler relieves all of your dispatchers and saves operative manual planning time thanks to full load planning in 3D.

Unique planning transparency

It is important to us that you can see your successes with MasterScheduler at a glance. Daily Dashboard, 3D visualization of each planned truck or ocean freight route or the savings calculator allow a completely transparent view of the optimized results.

Get an insight

We relieve your dispatchers & your transport budget

Dynamic planning instead of fixed delivery days

You know your required delivery quantity, we know when it is most effectively delivered. Instead of fixed delivery days, our AI develops a dynamic delivery schedule that adapts perfectly to your production and warehouse capacities. 

Making the most of the strategic network tactically and operationally

Route control is a central element of MasterScheduler. The software tactically pulls ahead demands and thus combines transport routes and days. This results in FTLs and milk runs that are fully utilized operationally.

Multi-level packaging and special stacking capabilities

No problem for our AI. MasterScheduler takes into account all relevant data such as weight, shape or load capacity when optimizing the loading space and delivers a perfect loading plan for the logistician.  

Smart pull ahead & milk runs

We declare war on empty trucks on the roads. MasterScheduler operationally chooses between FTLs and milk runs based on your data. This way, our SaaS solution saves you important resources. 

Our success is measurable

Transport utilization

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Transport costs

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Planning effort

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We answer your questions

Our goal is to show you your savings potential as simply and quickly as possible. Therefore, we primarily require basic data such as material, packaging and demand figures. This data can easily be sent to us in an Excel template. You can find all information about the live analysis here.

Yes, manual intervention is possible at any time and the dispatcher(s) can manually adjust all relevant parameters at any time. 

Yes, we have designed MasterScheduler to be flexible enough to be compatible with any planning system (ERP. TMS, etc.). You can find more info about the integration here.

On average, 40% of all transports performed are empty runs. For this reason, there is optimization potential in all industries. MasterScheduler is designed so flexibly that it can be applied to any industry. Simply send us your transport data and we will determine your savings potential. You can find all further information about the live analysis here.

We achieve our enormous savings potential of over 20% through a holistic transport planning approach. In contrast to other SaaS solutions, we also consider the full 3D loading with all relevant stackability factors in addition to the loading meters and weight. More information about MasterScheduler can be found here. 

Naturally. In addition to classic route planning, MasterScheduler also selects between FTL and milk run control based on the load space utilization. You can find more about route planning with MasterScheduler here.

With MasterScheduler you can optimize your entire supply chain. Due to our flexible algorithms, MasterScheduler is applicable in inbound, outbound and warehouse management. You can find more about MasterScheduler here.

By bundling the delivery schedules on certain days, you increase your stock level in the short term. However, this capital commitment clearly undercuts the cost savings you achieve by eliminating transports. 

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