Transport optimization at the highest level.


Flexible optimization algorithms and modern scheduling UI. Our focus is on the optimal utilization of your transports, to minimize transport costs across the network. We bring immediate benefits through savings with our easy to understand optimization concept.


Operational and tactical transport planning

Hurdles of classical planning

  • Too simple consideration of complex planning problems
  • No overall optimization of route and loading
  • Rigid systems with assumptions, such as fixed delivery patterns or parking spaces
  • Suboptimal solutions due to model simplification
  • Fluctuating demands and lack of situational agility

Planning with smart algorithms

We are very particular about our solutions. We make data-driven, forward-looking decisions that take into account daily demand to ensure that tactical shipments are planned at the right time and in the correct manner. Additionally, we place a high priority on load capacity utilization to ensure all operational restrictions are met.



Go from static planning ...

... to dynamic planning


Customizing and Adaption

All individual scheduling rules can be customized with little effort.

We map the planning situation exactly. The more precisely we can plan, the more potential savings we can calculate. In planning, we take all the main parameters that affect your logistics processes into account.

Inbound / Warehouse / Production / Warehouse / Outbound


Areas of application

Optimized delivery schedules

MRP results are not transport optimized. Save up to 20% by smart demand shifting and optimized FTL/Milkrun control. With MasterScheduler you increase the utilization of all trucks from your suppliers > 95%. With the individual constraints and stackabilities we ensure that each truck is dispatched in the best possible way and capital commitment or storage costs are taken into account.

Optimized delivery

Delivery has many operational challenges. MasterScheduler can be customized to meet them, optimizing your shipments in a data-driven way from warehouse, demand, range, timeslot and many other factors. Use the data-driven control of routes including loading for your outbound logistics. With the innovative concept of dispatching in the UI, you can see the planning with full transparency and benefit.

Interplant Shuttle Planning

There is often more data available for scheduling in your own transportation network than for external sources/sinks. Let source and destination warehouses play a role as well as production shifts and material flows in the warehouse. MasterScheduler plans even better under full information and can intervene tactically and operationally to effectively handle last-minute rescheduling requests.


Added value through optimization

Economic and ecological benefits

Economic and ecological benefits The efficient use of resources in large systems is a challenge. At least in logistics and related areas, we ensure that transport capacities are optimally used and fully utilized. Not only lower your transport costs, but reduce your CO2 footprint at the same time.

Standardize the planning process

With a strong tool in transportation planning, you standardize your planning processes. Have you ever seen experienced employees leaving along with their planning know-how? With the mapping of the planning processes in MasterScheduler, the knowledge remains and provides the dispatchers with a platform for support.



Like an add-on, MasterScheduler retrieves relevant planning parameters from the ERP or TMS and returns an optimized transport plan via interface.

Example integration for information flow with MasterScheduler​

Example of integration with ERP for inbound logistics. Here, only the MRP result is optimized and the ERP remains the single source of truth.

MasterScheduler – Robust. Fexible. Mathematical.