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Master Scheduler

A universal tool for optimization algorithms.
Embedded in ERP or standalone, it connects your business to automation algorithms.
Reporting dashboards help you monitor the current situation and measure your KPIs.

Transport & Logistics

s2 Transport is a software solution for the (full or partial) automation of scheduling in a logistics network. The focus here is on minimizing transport costs within the network for known requirements. This network transport planning goes far beyond the standard features of an ERP system and can be connected to it as an add-on. Different transport methods can be used:

  • Trucks (various truck sizes and tariffs for FTL / LTL, Milkruns, Groupage)
  • Train
  • Container ships
  • Air cargo
  • freely configurable further transport methods

s2 Transport plans a tactical disposition every day after the requirements have been updated at all locations. Attention is paid to compliance with weight and volume restrictions and the use of complete transport containers (transport in pallets, …). In addition, the following industry and company constraints can be integrated into the planning:

  • Production capacities
  • Capital commitment restrictions
  • Storage capacities
  • Delivery modalities and capacities of the suppliers
  • Additional, freely configurable company-specific restrictions

In addition to minimizing transport costs, other goals can also be pursued:

  • Uniformity of range for each product in the individual locations
  • Capital commitment costs
  • Purchase costs
  • Company-specific goals

Due to the high flexibility of a tactical transport planning tool, this can of course be used for regular strategic planning to evaluate new hubs and locations.

Procurement & Inventory

This is software for inventory and purchasing planning. This can be integrated as an add-on in an existing ERP or ERP system. Classic inventory planning is expanded by the MasterScheduler with the following features:

  • Demand forecasts with modern machine learning methods that can be adapted to the market.
  • Forecasts for the purchase price (depending on the market and the data situation).
  • Forecasts for delivery times and delivery reliability.
  • Integration of all master data and forecasts in a decision support system that automatically suggests purchasing decisions with limited resources using methods of mathematical optimization.

This allows flexible modeling of industry and company constraints:

  • Order modalities and capacities on a supplier basis
  • Storage restrictions
  • Capital commitment constraints
  • individual special requirements

Sales & Forecasting

This is software to support sales controlling. This can be integrated as an add-on in an existing ERP, CRM and / or ERP system. Classic features such as an ABC analysis and a visualization and grouping of the planned and achieved sales figures are supplemented by the following features:

  • Predictive forecasting for sales figures at product and customer level
  • Predictive forecasting of market prices (possible depending on industry and data situation)
  • Predictive forecasting for sales (at an aggregate level)

Warning system based on this

  • Automated detection of sales failures on a customer and product basis
  • Automated detection of exceptionally high sales
  • Visualization of all relevant data in a sales dashboard
  • Automated planning of sales talks taking into account resources (personnel) and value

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