Sustainable efficiency and not just planting CO2-trees.

Logistics of the future

More efficient processes through
operational and tactical planning

Logistics has a large footprint

We bear responsibility

The world of transportation is changing. The efficient use of transport capacities is becoming a decisive success factor for companies, for our planet, and for society.



CO2-reduction with
effective planning

We save trucks every day. An astonishing amount of residual capacity of FTLs and Milkruns remain unused. With MasterScheduler we ensure that materials are dispatched efficiently in the existing logistics network and unnecessary transports and their CO2 emissions are saved.

Resource saving employment on all levels

Through holistic optimization in strategic, tactical and operational planning we deliver improved plans. These plans are balanced by our algorithm in terms of warehousing and production. Your lean approaches are met with lowest possible use of transportation and capital.

economical use of resources


Carbon footprint

We already track your CO2 footprint in planning as well as operations. In our dashboard, we can track KPIs such as utilization and specific emissions. Down to the level of carsets or parts – if desired.

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Optimal utilization

MasterScheduler optimally loads all transports in your network through demand-based, tactical and operational planning.

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Less Transports

By smartly filling up the loading capacity of the following days, MasterScheduler with dynamic daily planning saves unnecessary transports.

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CO2 Savings

A high number of transports, as opposed to storage costs, is the main driver of your CO2 footprint.


AI Technology & Ethics

Artificial Intelligence

Mathematical Algorithms

We research and develop applied deep-tech algorithms. Through state-of-the-art methods, we create technological advantages for our clients in detailed and customizable planning that best represents reality in real time. Our expertise in mathematics is the driver of innovation.


Dipatchers in Focus

The key users in our digital planning world remain the planners and decision-makers. Mathematics is our tool to provide optimal support to schedulers in their daily work. By using MasterScheduler, we standardize, simplify and optimize complex planning.

Explainable AI

Understanding & Transparency

We analyze and optimize problems that affect the entire supply chain. We present the algorithmic decisions in a comprehensible way so that the use of our technology always remains explainable and the users understand the planning situations and consequences best possible.

Combining sustainability and increasing profitability is our declared goal.