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Mathematical Optimization
and Data Analytics

We offer mathematical consulting and software solutions.

We create algorithms and custom software solutions to solve optimization problems. As add-ons to your ERP Software or standalone. Use our digital decision support systems and full decision automation systems with intensive reporting features for a diverse set of business intelligence problems.

Optimize, automate, analyze or forecast

  • Transport & Logistics
  • Production & Scheduling
  • Finance & Controlling & Sales

Tailor made. For your customized business needs.

Transport and Logistics

Use transport optimization to significantly reduce tranportation costs and monitor your logistics. Utilize the potential in your planing for inbound and outbound logistics.

Read more about Transport Planner, FTL/LTL Planner, Vehicle Routing:

Production & Scheduling

We analyze and optimize decisions involving the supply chain as a whole (procurement, production, distribution and sales). Depending on the business this may include several of the solutions below in an integrated approach.

Read more about Production Planning, Maintenance Planning, Facility Location Problems, Cutting Stock Problems:

Finance & Controlling

Data analytics and predictive forecasting for Sales (Turnover), Demands, Costs (like COGS) and much more. We use stochastic models and advanced statistical methods to predict business logic data. Creating szenarios and monitoring your business data and reinforcement learning will help to understand how the models work and keep them accurate at any time.

Read more about Financial Planning, Portfolio Optimization, Financial Pricing:

What sets us apart?

We are devoted mathematicians with a strong background in software development. We understand both, the mathematical optimization of business problems as well as the need for good software UI/UX for users to interact with complex tools. We build our problem solutions upon an expressive mathematical model giving flexibility for changes and customization wishes, as well as robust results – where commonly used (greedy) algorithms fail. Whereas already established software is mostly only tailored for very specific problems, but probably general within the problem setting, we intend to build solutions that can be trimmed to the specific customer and are furthermore adaptive to future business or legal requirements. Using optimization to maximize predefined objective functions, we are able to create solutions that really fit the customer’s needs.

Why choose s2-data?

We work


with state of the art tools.

with dedication.

We understand

long term value & trust.

complex problems.

simplicity in solutions.

We are

devoted mathematicians.


problem solvers.


Trusted by leaders in their branch. Using our tools daily to optimize profit and minimize costs. Have a look at our selected use cases, to get an idea how data & algorithms can be used effectively.

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