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Discover the simple solution for complex transport planning

Gesamtheitliche Planung

We increase synergies in material control, transport, production and storage through smart planning across your entire network. Use predictive planning of loads and transports between many sources through holistic optimization instead of isolated, manual planning.


The software revolutionizes load planning and transport efficiency through optimized load allocation, predictive consolidation, detailed load planning and precise timeslot optimization.


The SaaS solution optimizes logistics through efficient route selection, perfect inbound-outbound linkage, optimal tariff selection and dynamic planning for scalable logistics planning.


Algorithms optimize tours through efficiency, legal compliance, multi-stop planning, dynamic order allocation and shuttle traffic, reducing travel times and securing parts inventories.

Inventory Management

Smart algorithms improve inventory control, optimize the supply chain and minimize capital tie-up through precise inventory and delivery planning at the material level. True to detail down to the minute.

Tailored for your industry

Easier, more intuitive & faster than manual planning


Success Story Yanfeng

Yanfeng improves its transport planning by using S2data, increases capacity utilization to 92.2%, reduces one in five transports and thereby cuts costs and CO2 emissions. The global introduction defines new efficiency standards in the automotive supplier industry.

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