The whole is greater than the sum of the parts. (Aristoteles)

We are Mathematicians, Developers & Researchers

Dr. Stefan Kremsner | Dr. Stefan Lendl

Logistics of the future

We have a goal.

We create added value for society and industry. As applied mathematicians, we bring outstanding algorithms, deep tech, software know-how, user experience and decision support in innovative and state-of-the-art form to simple cloud or on-premise solutions. We solve logistics processes in realistic, holistic optimization with the latest models in order to extract the greatest possible potential and to fulfill the necessary operational accuracy in planning for our key users, including consideration of all secondary constraints.


s2 data & algorithms

Dr. Stefan Kremsner

Founder & CEO

Consulting & Sales

Dr. Stefan Lendl

Founder & CEO

Optimization & Operations Research



Head of math. Consulting

DI Paul Tabatabai

Head of IT

Christoph Hack

Business Development

Franz Steinkellner

The combination of sustainability and an increase in profitability through innovative, mathematical methods is our motor and drive.