Innovative algorithms in manufacturing

Smart logistics solutions for dynamic production companies

In the logistics of manufacturing companies, complex challenges have to be mastered. Precise supply chain management, which extends from procurement to delivery of the finished product, is central. Just-in-time delivery must be seamlessly integrated into production processes to reduce storage costs and shorten lead times. Handling and storing semi-finished products requires both accuracy and adaptability to changing market conditions. Adopting advanced technologies for tracking deliveries and automating warehouse processes plays a crucial role in increasing efficiency. A flexible and responsive logistics system is therefore essential for maintaining competitiveness in industrial production.

Logistics innovations are driving the manufacturing industry forward

Flexible logistics design for modern companies

MRP optimization using TCO

The algorithms use TCO to identify cost drivers in your logistics. Using MRP optimization, transport costs are saved and costs are reduced.

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The software optimizes the MRP run taking warehouse and production into account. This makes precise reach control possible at the material and minute level.

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The algorithms optimize loading from pallet to container dimensions, including special loads and stackability, precisely improve timeslot planning and reduce truck deployments through predictive consolidation.

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Palletizing software uses advanced algorithms to intelligently optimize the arrangement of goods on pallets. It maximizes space utilization and efficiency, reduces shipping costs and improves load security. Ideal for dynamic logistics needs.

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The algorithms optimize the allocation of incoming and outgoing loads with the aim of reducing empty trips and increasing transport efficiency. In this way, the software reduces CO2 emissions and saves costs.

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Your advantages

Lower transports

Lower cost &

Relief of strain on the employees

Perfect operational use of the transport network

Increased visibility in the supply chain

TCO costs as a sweet spot in the supply chain

Information about necessary transport capacities from MRP

Cost optimization of strategic transport tariffs

Supplier portal for networking suppliers and freight forwarders

Avoiding backorders

Standardized planning process including PDF pickup sheets

Integrated control of the entire supply chain

Save CO2 sustainably with us

Our solution improves the effectiveness of freight transport by truck by using previously idle capacity to optimally distribute goods. This reduces the need for additional transport and thus leads to a reduction in CO2 emissions. By applying a comprehensive planning strategy based on the principles of lean management, we reduce the consumption of resources in the areas of warehousing and production. This approach not only increases operational efficiency, but also promotes sustainability and makes an important contribution to reducing CO2 emissions.

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