Reduce costs and emissions with full transport utilization

Algorithms for 3D loading plans and the perfect use of loading space

Lots of materials and numerous packages. Now with few transports.

Optimized loading planning

The algorithm optimizes from the pallet to the truck bed or sea freight container (20 or 40ft). Special load carriers such as pallet boxes and the stackability of goods are also taken into account in the optimization.

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The software plans your transports in advance and fully automatically over several days and consolidates or splits loads in such a way that the total number of trucks is significantly reduced. Of course, taking into account legal regulations and the axle load.

Group 51 (1)

Accurate planning of timeslots is essential for the delivery processes. Therefore, the underlying algorithms take all relevant time factors into account: delivery dates, company holidays, public holidays, maximum number of trucks (that can be handled per timeslot and loading point) and optimize delivery in and delivery out to the docks on this basis.

Group 51 (1)

Your advantages

Full utilization in loading meters, volume & weight

Divide many shipments into a few pieces of transport equipment

Fast planning and early detection of loading problems

Perfect operational use of every load space

Splitting and bundling a wide variety of loads

Planning according to exact loading with packaging and stackability

Load security including axle loads

Planning down to detail from mixed pallets to small load carrier & cartons

Individual constraints in loading space planning

Standardized planning process including PDF pickup sheets

Attention given to the order of loading/unloading points

Industry-specific containers such as pipes, bundles, big packs, etc.


Transport-optimized delivery call-offs for OEM

A vehicle manufacturer is revolutionizing its logistics processes using smart algorithms from S2data, achieving significant increases in efficiency and cost savings as well as a contribution to ecological sustainability.

Simple IT-integration

Our cloud-based application provides direct and hassle-free integration, eliminates IT challenges, and uses API/EDI to securely transmit critical data needed to develop a customized transportation plan for your business. This plan is easily embedded into your ERP system, streamlining operations and increasing both the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of your supply chain.

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Always the right tariff for every transport

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