Innovative logistics solutions for production, loading & transport

The future of the paper and wood industry is digital and green

The industry is facing complex challenges. Global supply chains from raw materials to finished goods delivery require the integration of diversified modes of transport, with real-time visibility and control being essential. Warehouse management and inventory optimization require dynamic systems in order to be able to react to fluctuations in demand. Customs and export controls require precise documentation and compliance, while the last mile is becoming more flexible due to urbanization and customer demands. Environmental protection remains a key issue as sustainable practices and carbon-neutral options are increasingly demanded by customers and legislators. In order to solve these challenges in the wood and paper industry, the implementation of innovative solutions is essential.

Intelligent loading approaches for complex loads

Shaping efficient logistics with algorithms

Complex load planning of goods

The load planning software for the wood industry is specifically designed for weight- and volume-intensive goods, such as CLT panels. It optimizes loading, maximizes load space utilization and transport efficiency while minimizing transport damage. An innovative solution for cost reduction and sustainability.

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The software enables efficient bundling and optimal arrangement of special goods. It increases charging efficiency, minimizes space loss and ensures safe transport. Ideal for specialized wood products and sustainable logistics solutions.

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The innovative algorithms optimize logistics processes through intelligent route and load planning. It increases efficiency, reduces costs and supports sustainable supply chains. Ideal for precise, time- and resource-saving wood transport.

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The software uses algorithms to optimize the allocation of inbound and outbound freight, minimizing empty runs, improving transportation efficiency, reducing carbon emissions and leading to cost savings.

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The nesting system for wood production based on our innovative algorithms maximizes material utilization through precise arrangement of cuts. It reduces waste, saves raw materials and increases production efficiency. A smart solution that promotes sustainability and cost efficiency in the wood industry.

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Your advantages

Fewer transports and empty trips

Lower costs & CO2 emissions

Digitalization & full automation of manual planning

Perfect operational use of available capacities

Increased visibility in planning & supply chain

Transport capacity and freight cost calculation

Supplier portal for networking suppliers and freight forwarders

Cost optimization of transport tariffs in inbound & outbound

Loading plans including instructions and PDF pickup sheets

Boost sustainability with S2data

Our software optimizes the use of unused transport capacity in truck trips to improve the distribution of goods. This leads to a reduction in unnecessary transport and thus also to a reduction in CO2 emissions. By integrating lean management principles into our comprehensive planning, we reduce the use of resources in the areas of warehousing and production. This approach not only increases the efficiency of operational processes, but also makes a significant contribution to greater sustainability and a reduction in CO2 emissions.

Combined load space planning in a class of its own

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