With algorithms for maximum adaptability

The art of selecting the optimal route and tariff in a matter of seconds

Dynamic performance in the logistics network

Efficient route selection

By replanning or consolidating existing routes into milk runs or multi-stops, the algorithm maximizes efficiency within the strategic network.

Group 51 (1)

FTL, LTL, FCL, LCL, crossdock or regional forwarding company – the software selects the best type of transport and the cheapest carrier and utilizes each transport cost-efficiently based on various planning parameters.

Group 51 (1)

Through smart planning, inbound and outbound are perfectly matched, so that full container transport and the return transport of empty containers mesh seamlessly.

Group 51 (1)

Fixed planning structures reduce flexibility within the network. Through dynamic planning based on production, storage and transport data, the algorithm finds the perfect route and tariff and continuously adapts it to current needs.

Group 51 (1)

The SaaS solution enables hybrid planning that combines your own fleet resources with those of third-party providers to ensure a seamless and scalable service.

Group 123

Your advantages

Less transport

Lower costs & CO2 emissions

Relief for employees

Perfect operational use of the transport network

Increased visibility in the supply chain

TCO costs as a sweet spot in the supply chain

Information about necessary transport capacities from MRP

Cost optimization of strategic transport tariffs

Supplier portal for networking suppliers and freight forwarders

Avoiding backorders

Standardized planning process including PDF pickup sheets


Transport-optimized delivery calls set new standards

A vehicle manufacturer is revolutionizing its logistics processes using smart algorithms from S2data, achieving significant increases in efficiency and cost savings as well as a contribution to ecological sustainability.

Effortless IT integration

Our cloud application enables simple and direct integration, easily navigates through IT challenges and accesses critical data using API/EDI to create a transportation plan specifically designed for your business. This plan is effortlessly integrated into your ERP system, improving operations and increasing both efficiency and cost-effectiveness within your supply chain.

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The entire transport planning in one tool

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