Software for optimized procurement and distribution logistics

Holistic planning in inbound & outbound

From supplier to factory to hub to customer. In transport planning, we break down the silos between production, warehousing and material control/disposition. We leverage synergies through smart FTLs, LTLs, milk runs, and matching inbound and outbound transports. All this in conjunction with smart consolidation between sources and sinks of cargo space, and orders instead of isolated, manual planning.

Maximum transport optimization based on production, storage, loading and route selection

From delivering in to delivering out in one software

3D loading planning

We plan the loading of the materials/packaging onto trucks, containers and wagons in 3D with dimensions, weight and stackability of the goods. Our algorithm takes into account, among other things, special loading regulations, palletization, the grouping of paired or similar materials, the loading and unloading sequences as well as the axle load, load security and much more.

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Route optimization is a crucial factor in algorithmic optimization. Multimodal transport, personnel planning and rest times, tariff structures and travel times are some of the parameters that the algorithm takes into account in the optimization and thus selects the best route for your transport in addition to the optimal loading.

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The interplay between production and logistics has an immense influence on your transports. For this reason, the optimization algorithm takes into account, among other things, batch sizes, order sequence, safety stocks, machine capacities, personnel and material availability or changeover times.

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Reach-controlled distribution, real-time inventory levels and VMI. All of this plays an important role in optimizing transport. We balance the utilization of transport with storage space and capital commitment, service level and frequencies. Reduce inventory & increase utilization? We use this to control delivery frequencies, storage capacities, reaches, and find the cross-silo supply chain optimum.

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Your holistic advantages

Less transports

Lower costs & CO2 emissions

Full automation

Full transparency of supply chain planning

Perfect operational use of the transport network

Increased visibility in the supply chain

TCO optimization as the sweet spot of the supply chain

Information about necessary transport capacities from MRP

Cost optimization of strategic transport tariffs

Supplier portal for networking suppliers and freight forwarders

Avoiding backorders

Standardized planning process including PDF pickup sheets


From Excel to Excellence Yanfeng transforms transportation planning

Yanfeng optimizes its transport planning with S2data, increases utilization to 92.2%, saves every fifth transport and reduces costs and CO2 emissions. The global implementation sets new efficiency standards in the automotive supply industry.

Easy IT integration

Our cloud software integrates directly and easily, bypasses IT hassles and uses API/EDI to collect essential data to create a transportation plan tailored to your business. This is seamlessly transferred to your ERP system, improves operational processes and increases the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of the supply chain.

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Complex was yesterday. Transport planning has never been easier.

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