Unleash the full potential of your fleet and order management

Smart optimization for strong providers

Dynamic route planning through advanced SaaS solutions addresses route-related delays and maximizes on-time deliveries. Optimization software helps reduce fluctuating operating costs by fine-tuning routes and fleet utilization, which reduces fuel consumption and resource use. Precise planning of multi-stop tours, taking into account first and last mile requirements, guarantees compliance with strict delivery deadlines. In addition, reducing unnecessary journeys and increasing fleet efficiency makes a significant contribution to environmental protection by significantly reducing emissions.

Optimize your route planning for maximum efficiency

Performance boost through intelligent optimization

Tour planning

Our software optimizes tours taking costs, resources, legal requirements and waiting times into account. It combines multi-stop planning and dynamic order allocation to minimize travel times and miles, responds to challenges and improves shuttle traffic.

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Intelligent warehouse control reduces capital tie-up through precise inventory control and optimized delivery cycles. Reach control and predictive planning enable accurate demand forecasts and adaptive supply chain optimization.

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The software is able to react flexibly to short-term changes using dynamic planning and thus always match drivers and orders with the best route.

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The software makes it possible to respond to challenges at short notice through flexible planning and to organize the most efficient routes, taking truck assignments into account. In addition, a clever choice of route helps to reduce transport and relieve the burden on the vehicle fleet.

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Route-related delays
Through dynamic route planning, the SaaS solution minimizes the impact of known route planning on delivery times.
Fluctuating operating costs
The optimization software optimizes routes and fleet utilization to reduce fuel consumption and resource use.
Environmental Protection
By reducing unnecessary journeys and improving fleet utilization, emissions are significantly reduced.
Compliance with delivery deadlines
Through precise planning of multi-stop tours and consideration of first and last mile requirements, delivery deadlines are always met.
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Your advantages

Less transports

Lower costs & CO2 emissions

Relief of strain on the employees

Perfect operational use of the transport network

Increased visibility in the supply chain

TCO costs as a sweet spot in the supply chain

Information about necessary transport capacities from MRP

Cost optimization of strategic transport tariffs

Supplier portal for networking suppliers and freight forwarders

Avoiding backorders

Standardized planning process including PDF pickup sheets


Innovative algorithms as game changers

Duvenbeck is revolutionizing logistics with an innovative software approach. By developing a customized optimization algorithm integrated into the ERP system, the company significantly improved truck utilization to over 98.5%, resulting in significant annual savings.

Simply save CO2 sustainably

Our software maximizes the use of existing truck transport capacity to transport materials more precisely. This reduces unnecessary journeys and thus reduces CO2 emissions. By applying comprehensive planning that integrates lean management principles, we reduce the consumption of resources in warehousing and production processes. This approach not only increases the efficiency of operational processes, but also makes a significant contribution to protecting the environment and reducing CO2 emissions.

Smart route planning as a turbocharger for logistics

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