Save resources with sustainable tour planning

Innovative planning with foresight for the operational details

Efficiency on track with intelligent algorithms

Intelligent tour optimization

The algorithms always find the most cost- and resource-efficient route. Among other things, the software takes into account legal requirements and limit waiting times.

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Our SaaS solution optimizes planned routes, resulting in reduced driving times and kilometers traveled. It considers factors such as loading and unloading processes, as well as special loading sequences. With our solution, planning the sequence for multiple unloading points, which was once a daily, time-consuming challenge, is now a thing of the past.

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Daily deliveries are heavily influenced by time slots, transport equipment, loading planning, stackability and much more. With attention to operational detail, we deliver perfectly implementable plans for practical use. Completely realistic and comprehensible.

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Through dynamic planning, the software can react to short-term challenges and plan the most efficient route for orders, taking special driver or truck assignments into account.    

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Shuttle or inter-factory transport including reach control individually adapted to production reduces the number of transports and secures the inventory of critical parts. Smart replenishment of inbound parts as well as optimized round trips with empty containers are easy for our algorithms.

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Dynamic disposition of your own fleet or use of freight forwarders/forwarders in the network. We determine the perfect plans based on demand dynamics and available means of transport. You can choose between mileage costs and travel time as well as the freight forwarders’ tariff costs in order to determine the optimal mix for your operational, tactical and strategic logistics planning.             

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Your advantages

Less transport, downtime and empty kilometers

Lower costs & CO2 emissions

Full automation of scheduling & time slot control

Perfect operational use of every truck, driver & trailer

Increased transparency through forward-looking planning

Always keep an eye on CO2 emissions, costs and legal travel times

Information about necessary transport capacities

Cost optimization according to flexible target values

Supplier portal for networking suppliers and freight forwarders

Multi-stop tours with loading/unloading sequence

Standardized planning process including PDF tours & loading plan

Can be combined with loading space planning and warehouse optimization

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Increased customer satisfaction through smart tour design

Our advanced scheduling system automatically optimizes pellet deliveries from warehouse, reducing costs, improving efficiency and customer satisfaction, and supporting sustainability through lower fuel consumption.

IT integration without complications

Our cloud-based solution enables direct and easy integration, bypasses IT hassles and uses API/EDI to transfer critical data necessary to develop a transportation plan tailored specifically to your business. This plan integrates smoothly with your ERP system, promotes operational optimization, and helps increase the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of your supply chain.

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Never miss critical parts again, thanks to smart reach control

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