Optimized procurement and warehouse logistics with dynamic transport management

Revolution in warehouse management through advanced algorithms

Operational planning of warehouse processes from delivering in to deliverying out

Warehouse management

The smart algorithm enables a significant reduction in capital commitment through precise control of inventory levels and ensuring optimized delivery rhythms.

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With reach control down to the second level, precise demand planning is possible. The algorithm also includes critical parts and thus compensates for production fluctuations. This ensures a secure inventory of high and low runners at all times.

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Dynamic supply and delivery planning, driven by advanced algorithms, optimizes the supply chain from incoming goods to outgoing goods and ensures an adaptive response to market fluctuations.

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Predictive planning revolutionizes inventory management in logistics by making precise predictions about inventory requirements and necessary resources such as: Personnel or transport capacities are enabled, which leads to optimized deployment planning, warehousing, and reduced capital commitment.

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Your advantages

Optimized use of resources

Lower costs & CO2 emissions

Relief for employees

Perfect operational use of the warehouse infrastructure

Increased visibility in the supply chain

TCO costs as a sweet spot in the supply chain

Cost optimization & dynamic, predictive planning

Supplier portal for networking suppliers and freight forwarders

Standardized planning process including picking lists


MHS revolutionizes production logistics with innovative technology

Magna Heavy Stamping revolutionizes the logistics of specialized vehicle parts through automation, improving efficiency and utilization, minimizing errors and costs, and promoting sustainability with precise planning and 3D loading optimization.

Uncomplicated IT integration

Our cloud-based software simplifies direct integration, solves IT problems and uses API/EDI to transfer critical data needed to develop a transportation concept tailored to your business. This concept integrates easily into your ERP system, optimizing operations and promoting both the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of your supply chain.

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