CO2 reduction through optimized planning

Resource-saving use at all levels

With our software, we optimize the use of trucks every day by effectively using the amazingly large, previously unused remaining capacities of FTLs and milk runs. Our approach ensures that materials are distributed in the most efficient way within the existing logistics network, reducing unnecessary transport and associated carbon emissions.

Our SaaS solution goes far beyond pure transport optimization. Through holistic optimization that includes strategic, tactical and operational planning levels, we achieve improved planning approaches that not only minimize transport routes, but are also in line with lean management principles. Particular emphasis is placed on making storage and production processes efficient with a minimal use of transport resources and capital. Our algorithm therefore ensures an optimal balance between logistics requirements and operational resources, allowing companies to reduce their ecological footprints while increasing their efficiency.

Sustainable Approach

Sustainably improve your carbon footprint

We accompany you on the path to green logistics

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