Automotive logistics meets AI –
How to cut transport costs and CO2

What is the webinar about?

Are you a logistics decision-maker in the automotive industry? Discover how cutting-edge AI technology is revolutionizing logistics, delivering substantial cost savings, and significantly reducing CO2 emissions. This must-attend session will showcase real-world applications, expert insights, and practical strategies to optimize your logistics operations. Don’t miss this opportunity to stay ahead of the curve, enhance your sustainability efforts, and drive your business forward with AI-driven innovation.

  • Save Money: See how AI can plan smarter routes and loadspace to cut down costs by 25%.
  • Go Green with AI: Learn how AI can help lower CO2 emissions up to 20% in your automotive inbound logistics, supporting your eco-friendly goals.
  • See Your Supply Chain Clearly: Discover how AI gives you real-time visibility across your whole supply chain.
  • Plan Ahead with AI: Understand how AI and smart technology can help you make better decisions for a more efficient and eco-friendly supply chain, improving your inventory management.
  • Make Logistics Easier: Find out how AI can automate planners tasks and helps to prevent the shortage of skilled workers.
  • Stay Competitive with AI: Get a peek into how AI is changing the automotive inbound logistics game, and learn how you can use these new tools to stay ahead of the competition and grow your business.

When? Thursday, 13th June, 11 a.m.

Where? Online-Webinar

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